3 Advantages of the QuickMount Quick Rack

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    As module and inverter prices continue to fall, more installers are giving attention to the BOS and soft costs associated with PV installs. One area where costs can be reduced is racking. Rail-less racking is more affordable to ship and can speed up roof mount installations.

    As hardware costs continue to drop for residential PV systems, there is an increasing amount of pressure on soft costs. QuickMount PV’s Quick Rack, a rail-free racking solution, alleviates some of this pressure by lowering the soft costs for independent solar contractors. Quick Rack can not only reduce labor and logistic costs, but also increase the number of referrals due to superior array aesthetics. Here are three reasons to choose Quick Rack for your next residential project:

    1. Faster Install

    Quick Rack requires only 3 parts. The base mount is pre-assembled and includes an all-in-one flashing that installs as fast as a typical flashing. Quick Rack has panel clamps that act as both mid and end clamps. The final component is the grounding lug. One grounding lug is necessary for the system and it can ground up to 300 continuous modules; eliminating the need for additional copper for grounding. Installers will need fewer tools and require less time training crews on how to use Quick Rack.

    1. Simplified Logistics

    Installers will have a simpler process pre and post-install using Quick Rack. QuickMount provides a free online configuration tool to help in the design phase (link HERE). The freight costs will also be lower since there are only three to four relatively small and lightweight parts to ship. Rails require freight deliveries and they are often prone to damage in transit. Most rail-based systems call for extra rail and splices, and many installers do not have the extra space or manpower to manage inventory. Quick Rack’s components easily fit in boxes that can be stored in the office.

    1. Superior Aesthetics

    As solar expands into new regions, aesthetics will become an even more important part of the sales process. Referrals will continue to be a key sales and marketing strategy for contractors and using Quick Rack will help alleviate some of the aesthetic concerns caused by rail systems. Quick Rack's solution provides sleek, pre-designed racking systems that only require three parts. In addition Quick Rack also offers an optional skirt that snaps on the front row of modules to make the system look sleek and elegant, increasing customer satisfaction of their array and the likelihood of them referring the installer. Quick Rack systems are also preferred by end-users because they require less weight on the roof, provide direct attachments to rafters, and have increased design flexibility. Currently, Quick Rack is compatible with 60-cell modules and it is limited to comp/asphalt shingle roofs. Without the skirt, Quick Rack’s cost is about the same as leading rail systems but it only adds a couple cents extra per watt to the racking cost.       




    In 2014 the nation’s leading residential installer SolarCity acquired rail-less racking manufacturer Zep Solar and made it their proprietary solution. Among other reasons, SolarCity said that Zep’s racking kept installs moving quickly and provided a pleasing aesthetic. Independent installers can now offer their customers the same experience by using Quick Rack.    





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