Capturing the New-to-Solar Customer

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    Main Takeaways:

    1. Use your platforms to develop free, original content to draw customers in and create new engagement opportunities. 

    2. Every project is a promotion opportunity. Showcase your work in-person and online. 

    3. Think creatively and spend your time or money strategically to align your business with the platforms and places that potential new-to-solar customers spend their time.

    In the digital age, there are many ways to capture the attention of consumers and in most cases, there are multiple brands competing for that attention in one space. In order to cut through the noise of this crowded space, you need to think creatively, work consistently, and cast a wide net to capture different customers that come through different entry points to your business. 

    Working to obtain new clients for your business is all about meeting them where they are and making the transition to customers easy. If capturing more new-to-solar customers is on your agenda this year then look no further! We’ve created a short guide here to get your creative gears turning and start your journey off on the right foot. 

    Original educational content 

    By sharing resources on your company website or profile that offer information and expertise to customers, you are doing three things that will greatly contribute to new customer acquisition. First, you’re improving website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for increased website visibility and traffic. A key SEO tip is to use your homepage to present your overall value proposition and high-level brand messaging. If there was ever a place to optimize for more generic keywords, it is your homepage. 

    Second, you’re nurturing a relationship with potential customers, building trust, and positioning your company as a go-to for solar expertise. This kind of activity can elevate your role from the vendor to a trusted partner in the relationship as future projects come in. 

    Lastly, developing and hosting original content can create new opportunities for engagement with customers when they read an article or post and respond with further questions or fill out a form to request more info. Whenever possible, provide customers easy access to your team’s expertise with a “contact us” form, direct email address, or live chat feature linked to your educational content. Plan accordingly for a 24-hour response policy to ensure fast action on open opportunities.   

    Showcase your work 

    Whether you’re posting images on social, developing video content for your website, or hosting an in-person event, it is important to share the work that you’re doing and the happy customers who can provide inspiring stories from real people with solar newcomers. 

    If possible, hosting an in-person open house event at a client’s home would be a wonderful way to connect future customers with your knowledgeable employees and current customers who can speak to their experience working with your team! A PV system tour may also help to dispel any fears or reservations that act as a barrier to solar newcomers. 

    When in-person project site visits are not possible, bring the project to them! Develop a project case study on your website, blog, or social profile including video, imagery, and/or details such as objectives, system size, challenges, and solutions involved in a project.  

    Use social media to your advantage, it is your friend. Never leave a home or project without taking pictures. Video and drone footage is even better for sharing complete systems, but a simple image says 1,000 words and is a great place to start. Then post, post, post. Tell people about the amazing work you’re already doing by using social media and your website as your megaphone to let the world know about it. 

    Lastly, Ask for reviews from your property owner customers. Your best evangelists are your existing customers and reviews are the modern-day currency for your business success. Reviews are also the best way to build your SEO presence.

    Local partnerships 

    Find local companies whose core audience demographics or interests overlap with those of your own business. By strategically aligning your business messaging with established organizations that have cultivated audiences, you can effectively target future solar customers. 

    Offer to visit a local business or organization for a free 1-day solar info session for their customers. In addition to solid educational content, offering light refreshments at these events can go a long way. Some organizations to align with to attract new-to-solar customers could include a local community garden chapter, community composting workshops, local farmers markets, etc.

    Allocate limited testing budgets

    While not all new business or marketing activities require monetary investment, testing paid tactics with incremental budgets is a great way to supplement unpaid efforts. An example of thinking about small, focused media buys could include capturing a new-to-solar audience through a targeted social campaign starting with a one- to two-month test to allow for optimization or ad space in a podcast that is local to your region and centered around a topic like sustainability, new homeownership or personal financing. Start with small, pay-to-play efforts, and don’t be afraid to get creative or try new things! 

    Another approach to allocating budgets for new business is to offer incentives. This tactic can take many shapes and you should have fun with it. Come up with attention-getting promotions to incentivize customers to tell their stories. A great example of this would be customer contests. People love contests. Use them to build excitement about solar in your local community and build awareness about your company. Or offer free in-home assessments or consultation services to all attendees to boost interest in an event and to highlight those who are closer to the point of purchase. 

    No matter your company size, capturing the new-to-solar customer will be imperative for your business growth. By connecting with future solar customers earlier on in their journey, you can successfully get ahead of the demand, making accurate predictions for your company’s growth trajectory, and avoid the crowded space by connecting with these customers before the competition.  

    CED Greentech would love to help showcase your projects on our website with links, logos, and mentions for your business. Get in touch with your salesperson today or email to ask about a profile for your project!

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