The Future of Module-Level Power Electronics

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    Module-level power electronics (MLPE) represent the future of solar module optimization. The benefits of MLPE are plentiful: increased energy yield, shade tolerance, module reliability and design flexiblity. In practice these features mean more energy prodcution and quicker system payback. There are a wide range of MLPE options on the market, however today we want to focus on the JinkoMX smart modules. JinkoMX modules provide all the benefits listed at an unbeatable price.

    Jinko Solar MX Smart Modules Comparison
    Cell-string level performance under partial shading conditions. JinkoMX technology on the far right.

    JinkoMX modules raise the bar of what homeowners can expect out of their PV system. Unlike traditional module-level optimizers, the Maxim DC chips reside at the cell string level within each module. JinkoMX equipped modules eliminate the need for purchasing extra components and spending time to mount and rack traditional optimizers. For the first time, every cell string can harvest energy even from shaded, soiled, or snowed-covered cell strings. Cell-level optimization also reduces module hot spots caused by leaves and other debris, which overtime leads to module power degradation. Paired with a rapid shutdown combiner this system is fully compliant with Article 690.12 of NEC 2014.

    Jinko Solar MX Comparison Chart

    The benefits of JinkoMX technology is by no means limited to the residential market. Performance gains to commercial flat-roof systems can be significant. With traditional modules, spacing must be large enough to avoid inter-row shading. If shading were to occur, bypass diodes in the modules would activate and reduce module production by 1/3. This is avoided with Jinko MX modules. Under shading conditions the cell optimizers will harvest all the available irradiance and won't bypass the shaded cell string. Expect 15-20% increased energy harvest using JinkoMX modules in this setting. Watch JinkoSolar's video below! 



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