How to Promote Solar at a Home Show

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    As the residential solar industry trends towards increasing online advertising, local independent solar contractors stand to benefit from both a digital and physical presence in their communities. One of the most effective ways to increase awareness and find new residential customers is by hosting a booth at local home show. The goal of this article is to provide a "How To" to on converting home and garden expo attendees into your residential solar customers.

    • Step 1: Google your upcoming Home and Garden Show and sign up for a booth. Most modest booths can be rented for as little as $200-$500.

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    • Step 2: Promote your presence at the show in a Facebook/Instagram ad. A small marketing budget can go a long way when spent on target social media ads focused on homeowners in your area. 
    • Step 3: Showcase the great work you have already done in the community. One way to show this is by making a repeating display of completed solar projects with screen shots of happy customer reviews. If you have a sales team, incentivize them to seek out customers instead of merely manning the booth. Another successful tactic is to highlight the solar equipment that your company typically uses. By displaying confidence of your modules, inverters and racking, you can bring in new business. 

    • Step 4: Give potential customers an incentive to book an appointment. $20 amazon gift cards are a great way to reward commitment to a home site assessment, and are significantly cheaper than standard customer acquisition costs.

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