Introducing a new Generation of Generac Power Systems Products

    Generac Generator and PWRCell

    Generac Power Systems recently announced the launch of several new technologies designed to complement its existing PWRcell solar + storage system. These technologies further increase the efficiency and resiliency of the PWRcell solar + storage platform, delivering superior ROI for homeowners. 

    “It’s obvious that Generac is bringing a very strong whole-home pedigree and perspective to solar,” said Thomas Bone, Division Manager at CED Greentech. “We’ve seen them make some very prescient moves over the past couple years to bring together a truly leading product suite.” 



    The PWRgenerator is a new type of DC generator designed to rapidly recharge Generac’s PWRcell Battery. This combination offers system owners the cost-saving benefits of solar power, as well as the independence and power resilience provided by home standby generators. The net result is true energy independence for homeowners who are at risk of power outages or subject to rate hikes from the utility. 

    A first-of-its-kind, new addition to the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage family, PWRgenerator connects directly to the PWRcell inverter, creating a residential nano-grid allowing a home to be fully energy independent. PWRgenerator, when combined with a properly sized solar and battery storage system, delivers a complete level of energy independence, giving homeowners control over their power. During the day, the solar panels provide power to the home and the excess can charge the battery. At night, the battery discharges and if it reaches 30% state of charge, PWRgenerator will turn on and fully charge the battery in about 1 hour. In addition, PWRgenerator is designed to be extremely quiet and fuel-efficient, running on either natural gas or LP. This system also offers the ultimate in clean power outage protection. 

    “Generac is proud to unveil the PWRgenerator and provide this turnkey solution for homeowners who want to reduce their reliance on the grid,” said Russ Minick, chief marketing officer and president of Energy Technology at Generac. “Furthermore, the PWRgenerator adds a level of power security to the homeowner’s PWRcell system, so the power stays on during an outage, even when the sun isn’t out.”

    The PWRgenerator is compatible with the PWRview app, which gives homeowners a view of their generator’s status and production alongside their solar array and battery.

    The PWRgenerator is also Smart Grid Ready which means that it is able to work as part of a virtual power plant (VPP). Customers who are enrolled in VPP programs can leverage their Generac systems to quickly and seamlessly sell power back to the grid and offset their energy costs. 

    “We’ve been working with Generac generators going back 20 years,” said Stuart Fox, Director of Engineering at CED Greentech. “So for us, it’s great to have something that’s condensed and refined and then tested for reliability and made into a cohesive system.”



    Generac PWRmicros are solar microinverter solutions that allow homeowners to take advantage of the full potential output of their solar array.

    Introduced are the Generac PWRmicro 2:1 – a dual-module, 720W microinverter – and the Generac PWRmicro 1:1 – a single-module microinverter. The PWRmicro 2:1 has higher power ratings than many competing products and enables newer and significantly higher-powered solar modules. Furthermore, the units can be used without “clipping” array output, which leaves valuable energy production on the table.

    Generac PWRmicros mark a significant step forward in cost-effective and high-performance microinverter technology. These products will help system owners harvest more energy and maximize the value generated by their investment.

    The newly-announced PWRmicros come after Generac’s acquisition of Chilicon Power, a designer and provider of grid-interactive microinverter and monitoring solutions for the solar market, in July 2021. 

    “Generac is building a supermarket of solar technology, expanding our product line to give installers all the tools necessary to build the right system for their customers,” said Minick.

    Generac PWRmicros are designed to provide solar installers with a fast and simplified installation process, relative to the installation of other solar systems on the market. Because the PWRmicro 2:1 controls two PV modules at once, installers can install half the number of devices to control the same size array., Providing them significant time savings. Integrated grounding and modular bus cabling further reduces installation time and simplifies wiring. Additionally, these two models of microinverters are compatible, which means that installers can mix-and-match PWRmicro 1:1 and PWRmicro 2:1 devices for ultimate design flexibility to cover any roof.



    PWRmanager is the newest load management system for Generac’s PWRcell Energy Storage System. PWRmanager unlocks whole home power by automatically controlling and sequencing which circuits and appliances receive power when the home is disconnected from the grid in a power outage event.

    PWRmanager allows homeowners to use their phone or tablet to simply “swipe” off/on for any circuit in their home. This can extend battery runtime during prolonged power outages by de-energizing less important circuits. For homeowners who want to run their homes on stored sunshine on a daily basis, PWRmanager is designed to provide an uncompromised experience that other solar and battery systems simply cannot.

    “A major customer pain point is that most battery systems today can only run a handful of things for a few hours or they simply lack the power output, capacity, and smart load control needed to run most of the home throughout the night. With the new PWRmanager, the PWRcell System works harder to keep loads powered,” said Minick.

    PWRmanager is designed as an easy-to-install device and does not require a new load panel. Rather, it installs next to the home’s existing electrical panel in as little as 90 minutes. Additionally, the PWRmanager is priced lower than similar products and integrates seamlessly with the PWRcell System and PWRview app. PWRmanager automates control of up to twelve 120V circuits or six 240V circuits, plus two thermostats.

    “PWRmanager is the natural bridge between the older switchgear technology and the modern smart home,” said Fox. “There’s no substitute for a good system design, but this allows us to control loads and protect sources and loads at the same time.”

    PWRgenerator, PWRmanager, and PWRmicros each serve to complement Generac’s PWRcell solar + storage system, creating one comprehensive system that provides whole-home backup power in an efficient and resilient manner. 

    “This is essentially a home power system that we know and love integrated under one brand and one operating system,” said Fox. “I think it’s going to change the game in a lot of ways.”

    The PWRgenerator and PWRmicros will be available for purchase beginning in early 2022 with PWRmanager following in Spring 2022. For more information on the latest in Generac’s line of clean energy products, visit and contact your CED Greentech rep to learn more.


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