LG Solar Product Roundup: July 2021

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    As we roll into the month of August, it’s important to see what’s on the horizon and what products are currently available. With LG Solar, one of the world’s leading solar module brands, you can power all kinds of possibilities. Here are some of the latest products and updates from LG Solar.

    NeON® R 66-cell: LG Solar’s Highest-Wattage Residential Modules

    Homeowners looking for powerful, premium solar modules backed by a leading warranty have a new choice—NeON® R 66-cell. With up to 440W of production, these are LG Solar’s most energy-efficient residential modules yet. Its Back Contact Technology™ uses an advanced cell structure to maximize its light utilization, enhance reliability, and improve its appearance.

    NeON® H: New and Advanced N-Type Half-Cut Cell Solar Module

    New LG NeON® H solar modules feature LG Solar’s innovative n-type half-cut cells, allowing them to deliver high power output that’s backed by a 25-year guarantee. Long-lasting reliability and enhanced performance make these modules ideal for both residential and commercial installations. 

    While most solar modules employ positive-type cells, LG NeON® H uses sophisticated negative n-type cells with a temperature coefficient of -0.33 percent per degree Celsius1. The bifacial cell structure of n-type cells also enables the cells to absorb sunlight from both the front and rear sides. As a result, the module provides outstanding output, generating a maximum of 390W from its 120 cells while simultaneously minimizing power loss 2. This highly durable energy solution can withstand harsh weather conditions and is also resistant to light-induced degradation (LID), the loss of performance from exposure to sunlight in the initial hours after installation.3

    LG Solar and Sense Solar Announce Collaboration

    Consumers are often left in the dark when it comes to their day-to-day energy consumption, especially in areas where utility companies charge different prices at different times of the day. By working together with Sense Solar’s home energy monitor, LG Solar is now able to let consumers see the power their solar array is generating, how much energy their home is consuming, and the value of their energy production in real-time.

    Making a Strong Performance Warranty Stronger

    All solar modules lose efficiency over time. But LG Solar guarantees low degradation rates for every one they manufacture. All LG Solar modules are backed by a 25-year product, performance, and labor (residential) warranty. And now, they’ve enhanced their performance warranty to guarantee NeON® 2 modules produce at least 90.6%—and NeON® R modules produce at least 92.5%—of their original power output.


    1. Temperature coefficient verified based on internal accelerated test data.

    2. Certified by CSA Group, January 2021.

    3. Initial performance verified based on internal accelerated test data.




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