Podcast: Inside the Minds of Solar Consumers: What Makes Them Buy and What Makes Them Walk Away

    As solar moves closer to becoming a commoditized market, the needs and values of residential solar consumers are becoming increasingly diverse. By knowing the primary concerns of this new market of consumers, installers and developers can more effectively target these customers and secure their business.

    A recent Solar Market Intel Report conducted by EnergySage, the online marketplace for homeowners to explore and understand their options when shopping for solar, found that consumers have three primary concerns when deciding to buy solar for their home. CEO and Founder of EnergySage, Vikram Aggarwal recently went on Greentech Media’s Energy Gang podcast to discuss these findings and said of the report that “It is [his] hope that [the] data reports contribute to the continued success of the solar industry by empowering both buyers and sellers with increased transparency.”

    Below are three key items to focus on when gaining the confidence of potential customers according to EnergySage:

    1. Equipment

    When it comes to choosing the equipment they want on their homes, consumers top priorities are the efficiency of their modules, the warranties they will receive, the country of manufacturing and how the equipment will look on their home. While these priorities may not be new, consumers have more options than ever and are looking for installers to be the experts who can make sorting through their options that much easier.

    2. Financing Options

    Though more and more consumers are preferring the ownership model when investing in solar, many still want to explore all their options before putting the money down. In addition to installation and equipment pricing, homeowners need help understanding what tax credits and other incentives are available to them. The NC Clean Energy Technology Center provides a comprehensive database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency that installers can use to understand the policies in their state and support customers as they make their decision.

    3. Labor

    According to a SolarEdge report, consumers want an average of five quotes before making their final buying decision. With more competitors vying for their business than ever before, it’s important for businesses to be listed where consumers are shopping. Marketplaces such Google’s brand new Project Sunroof are new platforms that can be used to generate new leads and may be worth investing in when looking to break into these new markets.

    The full podcast also discusses the recent state-wide blackout in Australia and energy storage concerns in New York City. It can be accessed by clicking here! ​

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