Quick Mount PV Tile Replacement Mount

    Quick Mount PV Tile Replacement Mount

    Most common in residential settings in warmer climates, tiled roofs can offer compelling value compared to composition asphalt shingles. Chief among the benefits of tile shingles is the wide range of styles available, durability, minimal maintenance, long-term economics and weather protection. While a standard composition shingle roof may last up to 20 or so years, tile roofs commonly remain in service for 50 to 100 years or more, requiring nearly no regular maintenance. Clay and concrete tiles offer dependable roof protection in winds up to 150 MPH, making them very popular in hurricane and thunderstorm prone regions.  

    Despite the advantages to the homeowner, tile roofs present solar contractors with a potentially time consuming and temperamental installation. Fear not, Quick Mount PV provides the nation’s solar installers with a quiver of tile roof flashing solutions including the QBase and Quick Hook. Most recently Quick Mount introduced the TIle Replacement Mount (TRM). Designed to streamline tile roof installations while maintaining industry-leading leak prevention, the TRM makes notching, cutting and grinding roof tiles a thing of the past.


    The TRM is available in three pre-formed yet versatile configurations designed to fit the vast majority of tile profiles available in the US. As you can see in the image above, these styles are S - shaped, W - shaped and flat. All styles employ Quick Mount’s patented Elevated Water Seal technology.


    Unlike a traditional metal flashing with a rubber seal, the Quick Mount Elevated Water Seal raises the the bolt hole and rubber seal .7” above the roof deck. This design relies on a seamless aluminum flute to prevent water ingress rather than a rubber seal alone. Furthermore the rubber seal is safely out of harm’s way with this innovative elevated design.

    Each TRM system is comprised of two major components, providing flashing at both the deck and tile level. The first component is the base mount which includes the deck flashing, QBlock (with the elevated water seal) and post. The base mount and metal replacement tile form are sold separately offering increased purchasing and inventory flexibility.

    The QBlock base can be mounted in either east/west orientation as long as the lag holes lie in a north/south orientation.  This allow for increased mounting flexibility in relation to the structure's rafters. Furthermore, the ability of the post mounts to slide in the east/west direction allows the the installer to firmly attach the system to a rafter regardless of tile location. Depending on jurisdiction of the project the TRM system can be flashed in a three-course asphalt method or a felt paper bibbing method.

    QMPV TRM Installation

    The second component is the replacement tile itself. The replacement tile slips over the post to provide tile-level flashing that maintain the flow of water down the roofline. Quick Mount replacement tiles come ready to be painted if the jobs requires doing so. The replacement tile comes with an EPDM cone for increased waterproofing.

    Final Istalation Steps

    In addition to removing the need for cutting or grind roof tiles, the TRM system actively creates replacement tiles. This is a particularly valuable feature if any exposed tiles become damaged during the PV installation.  The Quick Mount TRM system is made in the USA and is 100% IBC compliant. All Quick Mount PV tile mounting products are designed to comply with roofing best practices listed by the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) for tile penetration flashing (MC-02). Although expected to last over 50 years, the Quick Mount TIle Replacement Mount carries a 20 year warranty.


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