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    Authored by Charlie Saginaw

    Metal roofs continue to grow in popularity because of their modern aesthetic and durability. Since 1992, S-5! has become synonymous with lasting metal roof attachments, connecting to over 1.6 million roofs globally. When asked his opinion about S-5!, one solar installer exclaimed “S-5! literally saved my life,” referring to the company's fall protection that secured him from falling off a roof. Not only does S-5! offer standing seam metal clamps and set screws, it also delivers the assuredness of extensive engineering testing and warranty compliance that building owners expect.


    What began as a solution to snow fall, evolved into a diversity of attachment uses, including solar racking. Rob Haddock originally created the S-5! clamp in 1992 as a snow retention system in the Rocky Mountains. With a career in the construction business in snow country, his relationships with metal roofing companies allowed him to test warranty compliance with the majority of roofing manufacturers. Today, S-5! instills peace of mind with its comprehensive load tables. By collaborating with roofing manufacturers, S-5! takes the guesswork out of weight threshold calculations both normal and parallel to seam.

    S-5-U Metal Seam Clamp


    The first rule of roofing is to do no harm. One way that S-5! preserves the roof is by using ‘round nose’ set screws, instead of ‘cup point’ screws. According to the Metal Construction Association: “Some products use “cup point” set screws that may tear the seams material under load or sever an abraded panel coating leading to premature correction.” Round nose set screws merely dimple the standing seam, not piercing it, thus preserving the roof warranty. With a clamp for nearly every type of standing seam roof, S-5! is adaptable to over 20 different types of metal roof faces.

    Metal Roof Project in FL using S-5!
    Jacksonville 32.9kW Project on Seamed Metal Roof Installed by AIA Solar

    Let’s assume you have a standing seam pitched metal roof on a residential apartment building in need of a solar installation. First, you should select the proper clamp for your roof and watch the installation video. Second, you could secure IronRidge racking to the standing seam using the S-5-U Mini Clamp for Vertical & Horizontal Mechanical Seams. Alternatively, the S-5! PV Kit saves installations time and avoids bulky shipments by allowing railless racking.


    Ease of Use

    Although rigorously tested, S-5! maintains a simple design that is easy to install. S-5! avoids the hassle of flashing therefore accelerating install times. Most Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) recognize S-5!’s UL and ETL listings which means fewer inspection hassles for installers. Solar installers commonly turn ‘S-5!’ into a verb, saying things like “we can S-5! those panels in portrait.” S-5! has become the Kleenex of metal roof attachment by streamlining installation and saving time and labor costs.


    Top: Cup point set screw. Bottom: round point set screw used by S-5!


    Solar panels and metal roofs are the perfect pair, in form and function. As solar technologies continue to grow, metal is the preferred platform for PV as it is the only roof system with a proven service life that will match that of the the PV system. Consumers choose a metal roof for its durability and choose solar for its long term energy savings. S-5! is the trusted standard in connecting these two long-term investments.


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