S-5!: The Usual Suspects


    If you’ve been installing rooftop PV systems and haven’t yet heard of S-5!, it’s time to stop living under that rock. S-5! provides attachment solutions and comprehensive load tables for the majority of metal roofs on the market. Below is a quick rundown of (5) attachments to keep top of mind when approaching your next metal roof.


    S-5! Standing Seam Clamp:

    standing seam clamp


    The S-5-U and S-5-U Mini are going to be the right fit for about 85% of standing seam roofs in North America. You can search “S-5!’s parallel load test results” to look up your specific roof panel manufacturer and panel name, or reach out to support@s-5.com with pictures/dimensions for verification, a quick response and even samples to help you verify what you need prior to installation.


    S-5! Corrubracket:



    The Corrubracket is compatible with ⅞” and ¾” corrugated metal roofing and attaches directly to the roof decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses. The bracket comes with a butyl sealant on the base, so only a simple wipe down is needed before installation. Attachment screws are sold separately as mounting applications vary. There’s also the CorruBracket 100T & 100T mini, which are screwed down through the crest of the corrugation to better protect against leaks.


    S-5! Proteabracket

    protea bracket


    The ProteaBracket has an adjustable base which allows it to fit most trapezoidal sheet profiles.  This bracket also has a pre-applied butyl sealant, so a simple wipe down is all that’s required to prep. When using the side rail option, the L-flange can become your L-foot so don’t double up on components! When used with the PV Kit, keep in mind you’ll need an extra M8 x 1.25 flange nut to assemble.


    S-5! VersaBracket:



    The VersaBracket is your go-to for any exposed-fastened roof system that can’t be tackled by the ProteaBracket. It’s mounted to the flat of the panel and attaches directly to the decking, purlin, or truss. This unit has the standard pre-applied butyl seal for watertight protection. There is a 2.65” (VB-67) and 1.86” (VB-47) option. Most side with the VB-47 as it comes with a pre-drilled top slot for easy mounting.


    S-5-PV Kit w/ Edge Grab:

    edge grab



    The S-5-PV Kit is an ideal solution for mounting modules in landscape position on metal roofs. The PV Kit is compatible with all the clamps mentioned previously in this article (i.e. the S-5! Mini, CorruBracket, ProteaBracket, and VersaBracket). It is listed to UL subject 2703 as well as ETL listing to UL 1703. The stainless steel mounting disks have 12 nodes to bite into module frames creating an integrated ground through the module frames. The PV Kit accommodates most modules on the market with a thickness range from 33mm to 64mm (Edge Grab accommodates 30-51mm).


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