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    Main Takeaways:

    • Solar Energy International (SEI) is a trusted source for continued education in the solar space with over 29 years of experience and 76,000 solar professionals trained.
    • Working towards a NABCEP certification? Look no further. SEI offers NABCEP training and NABCEP exam preparation materials.
    • At CED Greentech, we believe our contractor customers are among the best in the country. That’s why we partnered with SEI to make their training more accessible to you!

    As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow the demand for highly trained solar installers and professionals also grows. But who do these professionals go to if they need more training? SEI wants to be the answer to that question. Whether you are an experienced solar professional or new to the industry! 

    What is SEI?

    SEI is a non-profit organization founded in 1991. With over 29 years of experience and 76,000 solar professionals trained they are a true leader in solar training. SEI sees a future powered by solar energy, their goal is to provide the training to make that vision come true. Through the tools and resources SEI provides, the workforce of the future will be ready for the proliferation of renewable energy. According to the International Energy Agency “Renewable power capacity is set to expand by 50% between 2019 and 2024”, a substantial rise that will certainly generate a large number of new jobs in the industry. 

    SEI’s educational materials include their own certificate program as well as NABCEP training and NABCEP exam preparation materials. SEI also helps people find the materials and resources they need for proper licensing, for each state in the US. In this article, we’ll dive into these materials and the benefits they can provide to solar contractors/ installers. 

    The Courses

    SEI’s Solar Professional Certificate Program (SPCP) was designed to provide contractors with the most exhaustive training possible so they can be prepared for anything. The program has multiple different course tracks so that anyone can tailor their learning to what they are most interested in. These tracks include Residential and Commercial PV Systems, Battery-Based PV Systems, Solar Business and Technical Sales and many more. A benefit of the program is that completion of the course means that you have the knowledge and training hours required to take both the NABCEP PV Associate Exam and the NABCEP PV Installation Professional or PV Technical Sales Certification Exam.

    Not only does SEI have their own certificate program they also have a vast library of resources to help contractors complete & renew their NABCEP certifications. This includes a calendar full of solar courses that anyone can register for. Currently, SEI is offering courses through December. This open time-frame allows professionals with busy schedules to complete the courses they need on their own time and have control over their learning. SEI also provides full on-demand learning for recertification of NABCEP with 18 credit hour and 30 credit hour offerings. A final piece to the NABCEP puzzle, SEI has a PV Associate Exam Prep Package. The package includes the classes needed to gain the knowledge necessary for the exam and the NABCEP PV Associate Exam which you can take at testing centers near you. The goal of the package is to help anyone looking to enter the solar field gain the proper tools to pass the NABCEP Associate Exam. 

    The Benefits

    A great bonus to the many training programs that SEI provides is the support that students receive. The delivery of material includes in-person training as well as online learning and hands-on lab training. Allowing you to complete your learning at your own pace wherever you may be. Live webinars and textbooks are also provided to further enhance learning. Career councilors are made available to answer any question you may have about all the offerings SEI has. 

    A powerful resource that SEI provides is access to a state licensing map. If you are new to solar this is a tool you can use to know exactly what license you will need to work on any projects in your area. The requirements do vary across states and the licensing map can tell you which licenses you need wherever your next project takes place. 

    SEI is incredibly ambitious with its goals for the future and with 10% of the world’s solar coming from SEI students they have the track record to make their objectives a reality. They believe in solar and it’s upwards trajectory being the future of energy and they want to be the one to provide the training for this growing landscape. The goal for SEI is to train 35% of the global solar workforce by 2050! A lofty goal, but nonetheless one they plan on reaching. 

    This month SEI has multiple promotions that anyone can take advantage of. They include free enrollment in SEI’s RE100 class and a discounted Solar Safety training package, so the cost is only $99. The Solar Safety Training is NABCEP approved and provides you with the OSHA requirements for NABCEP. 

    How it pays to work with CED Greentech

    As a contractor with CED Greentech, you are eligible for $50 off the retail price per course and per person. If you select the course PVOL 101 you receive a Solar Electric Handbook, which will be shipped to you. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits please contact us at and we will provide you the code for these CED Greentech exclusive offers!

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