Solar Product Launches of 2020

    Solar panels in the sunlight

    As we wrap up 2020 we wanted to look back at the year and recognize some of the new and amazing products that were introduced over the last 12 months. The year was filled with many new product launches and we’re proud to be a part of bringing these products to our loyal installers! We’ll start with the product category that saw the greatest level of action, solar + storage.

    Solar + Storage: 

    To start off Generac announced an addition to their PWRcell battery, the Automatic Transfer Switch. This will allow for whole home management of large loads. 

    Panasonic introduced the EverVolt, their AC and DC coupled home battery. This product offers storage capabilities from 11.4 kWh to 17.1 kWh. 

    The LG Chem RESU10H battery was another new product available in 2020. With 9.8kWh capabilities this battery pairs perfectly with a SolarEdge or SMA inverter. LG also has the LG Chem RESU 16H battery. The third generation of their solar + storage battery line, this larger battery has a 16 kWh storage capability. 

    Enphase came out with their entire energy storage solution, specifically the Encharge batteries. Available in both 3.36 kWh & 10.08 kWh sizes.

    In June sonnen introduced the ecoLinx 30. This new battery includes a larger system that is best suited for either large homes or greater energy needs for property owners. Sonnen also introduced the sonnenCore home battery in November. This smart residential storage system works with both new and existing PV systems.       

    We also saw the launch of Q Cells Q.Home ESS+ HYB G1. Due to battery stacking this product offers a wide range of storage capacity. 


    SMA has released the second line in their Sunny Tripower product offering, the CORE2. The product’s flexibility and performance make it ideal for commercial projects. The product is currently being rolled out in locations outside of the U.S.

    SolarEdge rolled out their Energy Hub solution this year. This inverter has multiple functions and can be used for EV charging, battery backup, and energy consumption. This product can pair with DC-coupled batteries. 


    IronRidge’s product launch for the year was the FlashVue. Their most recent flashing product from IronRidge, the FlashVue is perfect for comp shingle roofs. 

    Unirac came out with two new products this year, the FlashLoc RM & Solobox. The FlashLoc RM is a flat roof attachment that can be universally used for flat roofs. Unirac also introduced the Solobox, which utilizes FlashLoc technology and can work on many different roof types.  


    Q CELLS' most recent module release was their Gapless Module Technology, the Q.PEAK DUO-G9. The Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9 has a range from 365 W - 390 W and the high-density modules are designed for maximum performance. 

    LG Solar had a new module for 2020, the NeON 2 series. This module series is an excellent residential solution that is a smart, high powered AC module. These modules come with a 25-year warranty and allow for flexible design and high energy outputs. 

    In 2020 JinkoSolar introduced their newest line of modules, the Eagle G4. Including JinkoSolar’s new TR technology these modules have reduced cell gaps to allow for greater module power, with capabilities up to 475 W. 


    SMA’s ShadeFix optimizing technology allows for inverters to get the most out of their system and keep energy yields high even when shading occurs. The ShadeFix is sure to maximize energy and it works at a system level, preventing the need for extra components, less heat, and less thermal cycling. 

    The last product launch we will highlight today is Enphase’s IQ 8D Microinverter. The IQ 8D Microinverter is the latest in the IQ microinverter series from Enphase and is Enphase’s most advanced inverter.

    2020 saw continued growth and was a year where the solar industry defied expectations. With new technologies and more products on the horizon, we expect solar in 2021 to continue on that same path. Contact your local CED Greentech rep to talk more about your 2021 project needs!

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