Streamline Your Storage Project Development

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    Adding a solar system to a customer’s home may seem like a big task. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources and tools available to simplify the design and installation process. Lately, there has been even more interest in solar plus storage projects. Here are a few tips and tricks that may streamline project development:

    • Identify why a customer is interested in batteries with their solar system. The project development for a fully-off grid cabin is different from someone who wants battery backup when the grid goes down. Understanding the role the batteries will play in a solar + storage system provides clarity early on and should shorten the sales process.



    • Determine the battery cycling frequency. Will the site be occupied daily and require battery cycling every day? Or will the site be a remote pump that only runs in the event of extreme weather? If a reliable battery with a long cycle battery is best for a project, a GS battery may be a great solution.

    • If a residential site is looking to add battery backup in case of emergency, select the loads that will be connected to the battery power. Is a refrigerator, a few light switches, and a microwave sufficient? Should a window A/C also be a designated load for back-up? Carefully selecting the critical loads for backing up makes sizing a battery bank much more precise.

    • Pinpoint which battery type is best for a given application. Flooded batteries are a great solution for an easily accessed site that can be visited regularly for battery maintenance. Sealed AGM batteries are reliable and maintenance-free. The GS battery lines are dependable and affordable. Lithium Ion solutions may be great for deep cycling usage.

    • After the critical loads are selected, check if they are 120V or 240V loads. This impacts the type of inverter/charger required to power those loads.


    GS battery provides unbeatable battery solutions for your solar plus storage project needs. Tune in on May 31st for a webinar with CED Greentech and GS Battery.


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