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    It's the story of a company with an experienced team, betting on innovation and offering a unique product for the residential and solar market.

    Did you know that in less than 15 seconds, the sun provides as much energy to Earth as what humankind needs for a day? What if we could harness most of this energy for the benefit of our planet?

    While the technology to achieve such yield is not there yet, Sunpreme Solar Panels lead the Solar Industry with their high performance, bifacial solar panels in harnessing the sun.


    "Sunpreme panels are extremely easy to install. Not having to ground each module saves me money on labor and materials.”  - ECP 

    Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops and manufactures its proprietary SmartSilicon® Hybrid Cell Technology, which delivers the best cost-performance value to clean-tech customers, worldwide. It's the story of a company with an experienced leadership team, betting on innovation, and offering one of the most reliable products for the residential, commercial and utility scale solar market.

    Sunpreme, founded in 2011 and backed by Capricorn Investment Group and International Finance Corporation, is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, California. Its leadership team is multi-functional that promotes innovation and fast learning culture. They decided to apply their technical knowledge to lead distributed power generation roof top with most innovative solar panels.

    With close to 70 registered patents, Sunpreme offers high performance, bifacial solar panels that are currently unmatched in the solar industry. Its N type high performance solar cells are presently flashing above 21% efficiency, enabling Sunpreme to produce a 300W+ 60 cells and 360W+ 72 cell solar panels, which allows installers to maximize the power output out of any roof. Additionally, both these panels have a bifacial output advantage offering up to 20% more efficiency. These two factors make Sunpreme a leading innovator in the Solar Industry.

    Sunpreme’s tempered double glass, rugged frameless panels require no additional grounding further reducing the cost of installation.  They are UL & IEC certified to withstand the most challenging environments.  From extreme cold to blazing hot temperatures they are designed to withstand heavy snow loads and hailstones while still having one of the best warranties in the industry. Additionally, frameless panels offer another key advantage in snowy environment. Their structure enables the snow to slide off of the panels allowing light exposure while a standard framed panel will retain the snow or require cleaning to prevent shading.

    While LG reaches similar efficiency rate with its 300W panel, Sunpreme offers a bi-facial advantage which boost output performance above 330W+ -- a rare achievement for a 60 cell mono solar panel.  Sunpreme deploys advanced SmartSilicon® Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) that continues to deliver around the world, a winning mix of design, technology, reliability, easy to maintain, and cost effective performance at the highest levels for emerging applications. 

    CED Greentech is proud to have a strategic partnership with Sunpreme to allow our customers to deliver the most advanced Hybrid Cell Solar Technology.  These panels generate high performance, robust reliability with a significant cost advantage and they also have an aesthetically pleasing design resulting in lowering of the LCOE, thereby maximizing end customers’ IRR. That is why we believe that Sunpreme leads with Innovation.


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