When Should I Use Bifacial Modules?


    Bifacial modules are like the sports cars of solar modules; they boast industry-leading efficiency breakthroughs while upholding unsurpassed aesthetic standards. Frameless bifacial modules showcase some of the highest power efficiency outputs in the solar industry because they absorb light from both sides to increase energy yield. Sunpreme is one of the leading manufacturers of frameless bifacial modules, a product ideal for projects centered on power density and aesthetics.

    Residential Applications

    For residential solar projects, frameless modules are popular when space is limited. For example, many residential customers supplement their backyard pergola with bifacial modules to provide energy to their homes. This provides energy production from a watertight awning that provides partial shade to cool the space underneath in the summer. Tempered double glass and rugged frameless modules require no additional grounding which further reduces the cost of installation and hides backsheets and grounding hardware. Check out an example of a 6.5kw Solar Pergola in Choctaw, Oklahoma.

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    Commercial Applications

    While bifacial frameless module aesthetics play a role in commercial solar, the driving force behind their design selection is set apart by their 10-20% energy boost. For example, a reflective white Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane (TPO) reflects light to the backside of the module to generate up to 20% more electricity as a framed module. Furthermore, when paired with DC Tigo or Solaredge optimizers, these modules maximize usable surface area with custom length strings and shade mitigation. For an example of a Sunpreme commercial installation, be sure to view the 592kW MLK Jr. School project in Cambridge, Massachusetts here. CED Greentech helped with the project’s design that incorporated custom Schletter racking and Solectria inverters.

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    One of the most common questions from solar integrators who are new to frameless modules is how to rack them. Luckily, racking manufacturer, IronRidge, collaborated with Sunpreme to produce the Ironridge Frameless Clamps. These clamps can rack modules in perpendicular and parallel orientation. The rubber fitting located on the inside of the clamps protects the double glass framed module.

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    Sunpreme is leading the rooftop revolution by reliably producing 380-watt 72 cell modules for commercial use and providing unsurpassed clean aesthetics for residential customers. For solar designers prioritizing clean aesthetics and top power density, frameless bifacial modules offer a combination of form and function.

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