Are both grounding lugs and grounding brackets required for a solar install?

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    I am trying to figure out if I need to run bare copper wire through a gounding lug attached to every panel in my solar array as well as use grounding brackets in order to pass my permit for my solar installation.  Any thoughts?


    Getting permitted and passing inspection are often unrelated to code compliant grounding. I know that sounds kind of odd, but it's true. It looks like the picture you attached comes from Brian Wiley's website - there's a ton of good info linked to that page.

    There are a couple of good options besides his, for instance Unirac has some nice grounding clips on offer that can do away with a lot of the tin-plated copper lugs.

    Best way to avoid headaches is to just give the plan checker or inspector a call. If they're hard to get to, most also have an e-mail address now that they will answer on a regular basis. 

    Good Luck.


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