Cornerstone Equipment Finance

    Cornerstone Equipment Finance

    Get all the solar equipment you need with Cornerstone Equipment Financing!

    Get Solar Equipment Without Fronting Project Costs

    Get 60-day payment terms at no cost on commercial projects with the all-new Cornerstone Equipment Finance product. We know that taking on the burden of upfront equipment costs before getting paid for solar projects can come with headaches and risks for the installer.

    Through Cornerstone’s affiliation with CED Greentech, installer customers have access to the best solar products in the industry, available for same or next-day delivery with zero payment required before invoicing the end customer. As an Approved Installer, a contractor can rely on Cornerstone Equipment Finance to fund upfront project equipment costs so that they don’t have to.

    How Cornerstone Equipment Finance Works

    The steps are simple:

    1. Become an Approved Installer and receive a Cornerstone Equipment Finance credit limit*
    2. Cornerstone Equipment Finance releases funds to CED Greentech for supplied materials
    3. Repay Cornerstone Equipment Finance within Net 60 for no additional cost
    4. Before placing an order, opt to upgrade an additional 30 - 60 days for an administrative fee added to your invoice

    *To be used on parts purchased from CED Greentech on any job with a commercial meter


    Contractors can boost their solar installation business today by reducing the financial burden to free up the company’s cash flow. To get started with this finance solution on an upcoming commercial project, click to apply below! Cornerstone Equipment Finance is offered through our partnership with DLL. By clicking below you will be taken to the first layer of application with Cornerstone and our partners.

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