0.8 kW Off Grid Solar Art Car for Burning Man

    A customer called us to help upgrade a Solar Art Car that the deploy to Burning Man. One of our account reps, Jose Figueroa,  helped this customer identify the correct charge controller for the installation, install the charge controller, and program the device.  The array consists of 6 x 135W Kyocera panels wired in series, charging a 36V Battery Bank using 6 X 6V 235Amp Hr. Deka Batteries.  The Morningstar Tristar 45A MPPT Charge Controller can be customed programed for 36V systems.  It has a serial port that connects to your computer, and using Morningstar's MSView Software, Jose was able to update the firmware, and configure the charge controller for a custome 36V battery bank, and setup up the charge controller to equalize the batteries.


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