13.68 kW Grid-Tied Solar with Battery Backup, Columbus OH

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    This is a 13.68kW solar electric system with a 8.8kWh Battery Bank and an energy management system called Energizer, by JLM Energy.

    Go Modern Energy has worked with CED Greentech to install multiple residential solar arrays. This particular residence had the goal of getting as close to Net Zero energy usage as possible at its 6,000 square foot home. Go Modern determined that a grid-tied solar array with a battery backup system would be a key part of achieving this goal.

    The solar array was made up of a 13.68 kW solar electric system using SolarWorld modules, Enphase inverters, and IronRidge racking. It also included an 8.8 kWh battery bank and an energy management system called Energizr, by JLM Energy. Between the solar array and two geothermal units, the house is now 90% off the utility grid.

    CED Greentech was happy to supply the modules, inverters and racking in its continued support of Go Modern Energy. The company has proven itself once again as a renewable energy pioneer in the state of Ohio.


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