13.85 kW DIY Utah Project

    DIY Solar Utah
    DIY Solar Utah
    DIY Solar Utah
    DIY Solar Utah

    A homeowner from Stansbury Park, Utah, called the CED Greentech retail line looking for assistance in a DIY solar system for his home. His goal was to reduce his electricity bill and possibly even get paid by the utility through its net-metering program.

    The homeowner wanted to maximize the space on his roof in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways. Working with his dedicated Account Manager, they decided on a 13.85kW DC system that comprised of 39 JA Solar 355W panels, a SolarEdge HD Wave 11.4kW inverter with P370 optimizers, IronRidge racking, and associated balance of system (BOS) components for his complete solar kit. In addition, the homeowner took advantage of CED Greentech's engineering services to get his permit package, simplifying the AHJ permit application process so that all he had to worry about was installing the system at home.

    The result, as can be seen from the pictures, is a beautiful solar system that is helping him achieve his goal of lowering his electricity bill. It serves as a statement of how dedicated and handy homeowners are capable of installing solar systems themselves, leveraging the knowledge of CED Greentech Account Managers to help them make the right decisions and to guide them through the process.

    My solar project was a challenging but fun learning experience. The 39-panel installation process took a little over two weeks, a few hours after work on weeknights and the majority done on the weekends.  I am glad I decided to self-install, and with the help of CED Greentech on design and support with technical questions, which brought the cost of solar down to more than 50% lower than the lowest bid I had from a company to provide the panels and install them. Overall, the project was a success and I am looking forward to saving money every month!


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