2 MW Beacon, NY Municipal Landfill

    Sunlight Beacon Solar Project
    Sunlight Beacon Solar Project
    Sunlight Beacon Solar Project
    Sunlight Beacon Solar Project

    Created in 2002, BQ Energy was founded on the principle of becoming the world's leader in renewable energy projects on brownfields and landfills.

    "BQ Energy takes immense pride in turning liabilities into assets for communities," said Senior Project Manager Michael McNulty.

    The city of Beacon, NY is located in the central Hudson River valley and was once known for a large clay mine that was used to manufacture bricks. Directly next to these manufacturing facilities lay a 20-acre landfill that was eventually capped in 1977. While many people overlooked this "dead" space in the community, Beacon's city leaders eventually saw an opportunity to create lasting change. BQ Energy, LLC won the bid for the multi-megawatt project in early 2015 and began construction in late 2016. Despite frigid upstate New York winter temperatures and multiple snowstorms, the BQ team perservered to eventually wrap up the installation in June 2018.

    Every year the project will save the city as much as $100,000 and produce enough energy for 1,600 homes. BQ Energy has a 25-year lease on the site and will sell the credits earned from the utility to the city at a discount.


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