300kW Co-Gen Facility in Nebraska


    Renewable Solar LLC offers both roof and ground-mounted solar panel sales, service and installation homes, businesses, farms and industry throughout most of Nebraska. In April, AJ Kush and his team completed a unique co-gen micro grid project in rural Nebraska for a local utility. The project features Mission Solar 340W mono 72-cell modules, Yaskawa-Solectria 50kW PVI-TL inverters, and an IronRidge ground mount system. The racking frame is consructed with three inch schedule 40 galvanized pipe; moreover, the IronRidge rails and racking hardware  feature integrated grouding for system compliance. In an effort to further their sustainablity goals, Renewable Solar LLC ensured the weed barrier was constructed from recycled tire mulch. In addition, the open grassses in the photos were planted through the efforts of a wildlife habitat seed program.

    A majority of the system design was completed in-house by Renewable Solar LLC with help from their CED Greentech Account Manager, Allegra Donadio. In conjuction with CED Greentech's in-house engineering team, Allegra was able to verify the system's anticipated performce, reliablility expectations, and system engineering verification.



    Monroe, NE 68647
    United States

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