32.5 kW Waverly Elementary/Middle School Solar Project

    Alliance Solar worked with CED GreentechSolar to design and build this solar project at Waverly Primary School in Baltimore Maryland.

    Over the course of several months, Alliance Solar and CED Greentech worked together to execute efficient design and complete engineering in order to get this project finalized.

    We had to deal with a number of extra constraints on this project because construction was occurring as we were designing the solar array. The school also already had plans to use a portion of the roof as a green space for the students.

    Considering there were parts of the roof that we couldn't use, we needed to put the array on two different surfaces to get to the desired output. The two different areas were vastly different, one was a flat membrane roof and the other a curved metal roof. This meant that we had to have two completely separate attachment methods. Originally we wanted to use a ballast solution for the flat portion however in order to get the tilt desired we realized that it was going to be necessary to use a standoff. For the curved metal roof we used the appropriate S-5 clamp that worked for the BEMO metal roof profile.

    CED Greentech engineering and Alliance were able to work together to sort out all of the constraints for this project and the result was this beautiful project in Baltimore.

    We used SolarWorld modules, SMA inverters, IronRidge racking and S-5! clamps on two different roof surfaces of this building to create the full 32.5 kW array.


    Baltimore, MD 21218
    United States

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