6 kW Off-Grid Mountain Top Installation

    CED GreentechSolar assists Milhouse Enterprises in completing their remote mountain top solar system with an 800 amp-hr battery bank.


    Milhouse Enterprises is a versatile Green Construction Company that can do residential, commercial, and custom off grid systems like this 6 kW mountain top system.  The company was featured in Green Build and Design Magazine back in 2011 for being an "Innovative company on the forefront of the future".

    According to the owner of the company Chris Milner, "It was an expensive install, that took weeks to complete and organize, and there were more obstacles than any site we have done.  But we overcame, and the system looks and works perfectly. The client is happy and no longer has to spend $12,000 a year on propane generators to run the completely off grid home."

    "This was our first large project with CED Greentech, we were having communication issues with our previous distributor, as a small dealer they seemed to feel we were not worth making an effort for and would not call us back for days when we sent in a quote request or called with a simple pricing and availability question. Natalie and CED Greentech's support staff have been excellent, and while there have been minor issues around freight, our experience with the communication and customer service of CED Greentech and staff have been top notch."

    CED Greentech is proud to have assisted Milhouse Enterprises in this mountaintop install with many uphill challenges. Our team looks forward to supporting Milhouse Enterprises in their future installations, and contributing to the bright future of Solar and Renewable Energies.  


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