6.6kW Enphase M215 System on Composite Shingle

    Beautiful sunset after the installation
    Rails and flashings installed
    Getting ready for the microinverter installation
    Enphase M215 mounted on the rails
    A self-installed PV system with REC 215AE modules and Enphase M215 in Hawaii, on a composite shingle roof. It works great and generates 32 kWh electricity per day.

    The rails arrived on 10/3/11 and the panels on 10/5/11.  I started on Monday the 3rd and was operational on Sunday the 16th.  

    I did most of the work myself, working from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM (taking advantage of the cooler time of day).  I had help carrying the panels to the roof and contracted with a licensed electrician to pull the permit and run the circuits to the meter.  So far, everything is working according to design.  

    I have the Envoy communicating with the Enphase Enlighten website (click to see) where it reports that I’m making the design 32 kWH per day.  That’s impressive since we’re into the shorter days part of the year and we’ve had unusual cloud cover for part of the days.

    All in all, I’m really impressed with the performance of the system and the relative ease of the installation.  I saved $10,000 under the lowest of 3 bids I received from Solar contractors; after tax credits (30% Fed and 35% State) my net cost is under $8,300, yielding a 23 month payback.  

    I highly recommend a homeowner that has a fair amount of mechanical skill to undertake this DIY project as I did.  I also recommend dealing with CED Greentech for excellent prices and service.


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    United States

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