73.75 kW Gainesville, FL Flat Roof Solar Array

    A flat roof commercial solar installation, that uses REC 250 Watt modules to produce 73.75 kW of clean power, avoiding approximately 80 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

    Power Production Management (PPM) of Florida has just completed a solar installation in Gainesville, Florida, featuring the REC 250 module, in combination with both AET and Ironridge solutions for mounting, along with EJOT fasteners for the roof penetrations. The power produced is sent to a collection of Sunny Boy inverters, for conversion into AC power. These Sunny Boys come with their own monitoring solution, and web portal so everyon can see the just how much the array is doing for the environment. Please go check out just exactly how much clean energy PPM's new array is producing here and here


    Gainesville, FL 32653
    United States

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