8.6 kW Off-Grid PV System in Corinth, New York

    8.6 kW Off-Grid Ground Mount PV System

    As solar adoption has become commonplace the question of whether or not to go off-grid has been one that both installers and homeowners have had to ask. For a time, it was even thought that off-grid wasn’t possible in some areas of the country. As technology has improved, places all over the US, including in New York, are starting to realize the potential of going off-grid. 

    Seed Solar found that to be the case for one solar project in the Adirondacks of New York state and contacted CED Greentech for support. Using Q-Cells 320 watt panels, a Generac generator, and an Outback 830BLU, this customer was able to take their residential property completely off the grid. 

    When NYSERDA deemed grid-tied solar non-essential earlier this year, installers had to shift to support their off-grid projects that served as “critical infrastructure” for their customer’s daily lives. With the virtual support of CED Greentech and the right precautions taken by the team, Seed Solar was able to fully install this 8.6 kW system, exceeding the customer’s expectations in the process.

    With an increased demand in the NY market for remote “getaway homes” that require creative energy solutions, projects like this that showcase how off-grid is possible in New York are imperative. Having the support and resources of CED Greentech behind you can bridge the gap from design to commission for your company. 


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