8kW SolarWorld / Enphase System in Blythewood, SC

    8kW SolarWorld / Enphase Install
    Solar Chief installed this 8kW SolarWorld and Enphase system in Blythewood, SC. The end customer was attracted to the SolarWorld Enphase mix due to quality and module level production monitoring.

    Solar Chief is a leading residential and commercial solar installer serving South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. This residential system is one of many in the Columbia area that Solar Chief is responsible for implementing.

    The array includes American-made Solarworld panels chosen for their high efficiency, coupled with the module level optimization and monitoring capabilities of Enphase M250 micro-inverters. This system represents the decidedly reliable energy production Solar Chief's customers have come to expect.

    Additionally, this system and others in South Carolina benefit immensely from state level tax credits and full retail rate compensation for net energy production.


    Blythewood, SC 29016
    United States

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