9.36kW Jinko MX Installation

    Missouri Sun Solar employed Jinko Solar modules equipped with Maxim in-module optimizers to give the Taylor's a cost effective and highly efficient PV system.

    Jinko MX modules raise the bar of what homeowners can expect out of their PV system. Unlike traditional module-level optimizers, the Maxim DC chips reside at the cell string level within each module.  Jinko MX equipped modules eliminate the need for purchasing extra components and spending time to mount and rack traditional optimizers. For the first time, every cell string can harvest energy even from shaded, soiled, or snowed-covered cell strings. Cell level optimization also reduces module hot spots caused by leaves and other debris, which overtime lead to module power degradation. Paired with a rapid shutdown combiner this system is fully compliant with Article 690.12 of NEC 2014. The Taylor's will enjoy reliable power production, even when conditions change.

    Jinko Maxim Comparison
    Cell string level performace under partial shading conditions. Maxim technoloy on the far right.

    Please tell us more about Missouri Sun Solar (MSS).

    Missouri Sun Solar is a solar service company specializing in residential and commercial installations as well as home energy assessments and improvements. Headquartered in Houston, Mo., the company also has offices in Springfield, Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia, SC. Ranked one of the top residential installers in the state by Solar Power World magazine, Missouri Sun Solar is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation. For more information, visit www.MissouriSunSolar.com.

    How did the company get started?

    Missouri Sun Solar was started in 2012 by brothers Caleb and Luke Arthur.  However, the genesis of the company began with Caleb, who was looking for something he could do to support his family because he was tired of working in insurance and law enforcement. Caleb  started out doing installations himself to earn a decent income.  However, the growing interest in solar quickly changed the situation to where he had more business than he could handle. That’s when he partnered with his brother, Luke, and opened the business in 2012.

    How has the company grown since its incorporation?

    The first full year of business (2013) the company made approximately $2 million. Last year, the company made $23.7 million, due largely to a late occurring utility solar incentive in Southwest Missouri. However, the company positioned itself as the solar installer of choice and though the utility incentive amount has decreased, is posting steady sales month over month. MSS also now employs over 100 people, up from approximately 25 employees just a year ago.

    What are the company’s goals / mission?

    To become the dominant and #1 solar installer in Missouri and to expand its business into other states that show a good potential for solar.

    What size projects does MSS typically install? What applications (residential, commercial, etc.)?

    The company’s main business is residential systems ranging from 5 kilowatts to 15 kilowatts. However, the company also installs commercial systems ranging from 25 kilowatts to 375 kilowatts and this is a growing business segment. The majority of projects are residential, however.

    How did MSS get started with CED Greentech?

    We started using CED Greentech very early on in the life of our company. We came across them online and reached out to them to set up a dealer account. They were very helpful and were the first dealer to extend our company terms to purchase product.

    What does MSS value about partnership with CED Greentech?

    We value their commitment to helping us through any challenges. They are very responsive when we ask for something and they bend over backwards to make sure that we are happy customers. They make every effort to accommodate us and make it simple to work with them without changing our internal processes. They also help provide us with technical expertise when we need help on issues we haven't dealt with before in the solar industry.

    Why does Missouri Sun Solar prefer the Jinko MX modules?

    The Jinko MX modules provide technology that helps mitigate shading issues at a price point below other alternatives. There are no separate optimizers to install, so projects go faster. These panels make it simpler to design jobs, as they do not have the same restrictions on installation imposed by other panels.

    How does Jinko MX add value for MSS clients?

    They get more production from the panels compared to similar products. With advanced shade mitigation technology, the panels produce as much power as possible even when any part of the panel is shaded. This is done without the additional cost of a microinverter or separate optimizer. That means more power for the customer at the same price point.

    Does the Jinko MX module reduce time and labor costs?

    With the Jinko MX panel, there is no extra hardware to install or extra steps to take. The installer simply installs them like a regular panel without putting in a separate optimizer or dealing with any networking, like with some solutions. They don't change their process compared to a normal install, but the panels provide extra benefits regardless.

    Do Jinko MX modules perform better than other modules?

    Jinko MX panels provide better production than regular modules. The difference is amplified when shading is present. Depending on how much shading is on the job, the difference could be substantial.

    How did MSS get introduced to the Jinko MX technology?

    CED Greentech introduced the technology to us and explained how the technology worked. They provided us with documentation about the panels and helped us understand the many benefits that these panels can provide.


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