"Home on the Range" 25kW Carport

    The "Home on the Range" building is home to the Northern Plains Resource Council (NPRC), Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC), and Western Native Voice.

    Northern Plains Resource Council, in conjunction with Tim Crawford of Pheasant Farms, approached OnSite Energy to design and install a solar electric system to bring the building up to 100% electrical energy offset. With the roof area already occupied by the existing solar electric system a challenge was presented on how to best incorporate a new solar array into the property.  With guidance from NPRC, a solar carport was suggested and OnSite Energy researched and developed a solution that would best fit the aesthetic and functional requirements of the property.  The result was a cantilevered carport design that blends well with the property layout while also providing a dual purpose of energy production and shading for the parking area.


    Billings, MT 59101
    United States

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