Inspire Elementary School Project - 230 kW Array

    The Inspire Elementary School in Denver, Colorado is a 90,000-square-foot facility with a mission to prepare children to positively impact their future and the building fosters this type of learning in more ways than one. With a 230kW solar array covering the roof of the school, children are taught by example everyday about the benefits and power of renewable energy. In partnership with Ecology Solar who installed this commercial array, CED Greentech was able to supply the top tier products that the school relies on for its everyday power needs. 

    This project utilizes a mix of the SolarEdge 100kW 3-Phase inverters, SolarEdge 800W rail mounted dual input power optimizers, and an Ecolibrium EcoFoot2+ flat roof racking system to support its Jinko Solar Eagle PERC HC 385W panels.

    The team at Ecology Solar worked with CollectiveSun as the finance partner on this project.          

    For more information or to contact Ecology Energy about their solar power installation services, check out their website.


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