Westmont, IL 3.6kW Microinverter Ground Mount

    EMOD Electric LLC completed this sleek ground mount system using some of the most customizable microinverter technology on the market today for these Westmont homeowners. Chilicon microinverters come with 25 years of warranty. They can optimize each panel and have built in ground fault protection. product reliability, smart optimization and ease of remote monitoring are essential evolutionary features of chilicon micro inverters.

    In addition to 30% federal tax credit, SRECs available in Illinois are game changers. In Illinois, each SREC corresponds to 1000 kWhr and utilities pay $150 per 1 SREC. SREC contracts are available upon successful bid over 5 years. It is also renewable for several periods.  As a result, homeowners can make more than the investment for over 15 years, without even accounting for electricity produced. It is still being used by the homeowner with available net metering.  The sun is shining in Illinois! 



    Westmont, IL 60559
    United States

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