Enphase Female Field Wireable Q Connector, Q-CONN-10F

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Field Wireable Q Connectors and Raw Q Cable

The IQ Microinverter System makes complex installations simple.

Field Wireable Q Connectors (Q-CONN-10F and Q-CONN-10M) and raw Q Cable (Q-12-RAW-300) allow a wide-range of installation options that are not available in DC systems or other microinverter systems. You can run raw Q Cable through conduits, raceways, or chases between sub-arrays to help to minimize the amount of conduit, conduit bending, wire-pulls, and wiring connections that are required on a project.

The raw Q Cable is available in 300m (938ft) cable rolls (Q-12-RAW-300).

You must terminate the raw Q Cable in one of the following manners:

    Into a junction box using a 1/2" service entrance (SE) strain reliefs or UF cable glands
  • With a Field Wireable Q Connector (male or female)

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Female Q Connector
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