Enphase Power Line Filter, Q-LCF-064-1P

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Enphase Power Line Filter, Q-LCF-064-1P

The IQ Microinverter system uses a new generation of Power Line Communication (PLC), making device detection and communication between the IQ Micros and IQ Envoy the fastest and most robust yet. For advanced functionality and Home Energy Systems that use the Enphase IQ Battery, the IQ Envoy will not only monitor the generation and storage devices but also control them.

The single-phase line communication filter (Q-LCF-064-1P) provides line-to-line filtering specifically for IQ systems, but is not required for most systems and should not be specified in every design of residential systems. When needed, the line filter provides a reliable means to mitigate issues with site electrical noise should they arise and interfere with communications. To minimize the cost of adding line filtering to a system, it makes sense to design the system so that a filter can be retrofitted into the system later with ease.

The single-phase line communication filter may also be used to separate communication domains of sites that have multiple Envoys, or sites where a neighbor’s home also has an Enphase Microinverter system. The IQ Micros use line-to-line communications, where previous generation Enphase Microinverter systems use line to neutral communications. For this reason, the IQ systems are not compatible with the previous generation Enphase Microinverter systems.

Technical Specifications

Continuous AC Power Output
240 W
1 Phase
Maximum DC Input Current
64 A
Enclosure Ratings

General Information

Single Phase