S-5! ProteaBracket w/ Set Screws for Trapezoidal Roofs, Stainless Steel, Qty 1

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S-5! ProteaBracket w/ Set Screws for Trapezoidal Roofs, Stainless Steel, Qty 1


Note: The height and width are adjustable.

ProteaBracket is the most versatile standing seam metal roof attachment solution on the market, fitting most trapezoidal sheet profiles with and without intermediate insulation. It features an adjustable attachment base and multiple solar module attachment options (illustrated below) to accommodate varying widths and heights. There are no messy sealants to apply and no chance for leaks; the ProteaBracket comes with factory applied, adhesive rubber sealant to ensure quick installation and a weather-proof fit.

Installation is simple! The ProteaBracket is mounted directly onto the crown of the panel, straddling the profile. No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oil and debris, align, and apply. Secure ProteaBracket through its pre-punched holes, using the hardened drill point S-5! screws. 

ProteaBracket is the perfect match for our S-5-PV Kit and spares you the hassle of cold-bridging! For a solar attachment solution that is both economical and easy to use, choose ProteaBracket.

Each ProteaBracket is a structural A2 stainless steel bimetal attachment bracket that is compatible with most common metal roofing materials.The ProteaBracket comes with a factory-applied EPDM adhesive rubber sealant on the base that ensures quick weather-proof installation. All four pre-punched holes must be used to achieve tested strength. Mounting hardware is furnished with the ProteaBracket.

Comes with Fasteners. 


Now compatible with Unirac and IronRidge.



Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel
Product Type
Seamed Roof Clamp
Pitched Roof - Rail-Based

Mechanical Data & Components

3.93 in (length) × 1 in (width) × 1 in (height)
0.53 lb

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