SMA Sunspec TS4 Communication Kit for SMA SunnyBoy Inverters, ROOFCOMMKIT-P2-US

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SMA Sunspec TS4 Communication Kit for SMA SunnyBoy Inverters, ROOFCOMMKIT-P2-US

Note: Rooftop Communication Kit and Gateway are required for rapid shutdown compliance.

Nothing installs faster or easier while boosting performance. Whether it’s for shading, shutdown or other challenges, the TS4 Retrofit Kit is the ultimate answer to the challenges of residential PV installations. As part of SMA’s revolutionary Power+ Solution, the TS4 modular platform is a game-changer that is delivering installers unparalleled flexibility in tackling the toughest problems while driving down system costs and maintenance risk.

Communication Kits
The Rooftop Communication Kit is a convenient bundle enabling simple, fast integration with SMA Sunny Boys on site. Module-based data is transmitted wirelessly across the rooftop from the TS4-R units to the Gateway, which is connected to the Gateway Interface Board. The Gateway Interface Board is installed in the connection area of SMA’s newest Sunny Boys and eliminates the need for external enclosures. View performance data on Sunny Portal—the world’s largest PV monitoring repository. The CCA Outdoor Kit (NEMA 4X) for systems using inverters other than the SBX.X-1SP-US-40 is also available.

TS4 Modular Platform with Progressive Functionality
The TS4 modular platform is a unique plug-and-play concept that enables customized functionality with a simple exchange of a cover featuring integrated power electronics. The TS4 is available in module integrated versions from leading suppliers and retrofit models available exclusively from SMA.

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7.68 in (length) × 0.91 in (width) × 6.22 in (height)
1.47 lb

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