Unirac U-LA 403211C 2" Front Cap Aluminum

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- Attaches front and rear horizontal pipe to vertical pipes and anchors upper end of north-south braces. Includes 3/8-inch hardware: 2 U-bolts and cross-brace bolt sized for pipe, 5 flange nuts, and 2 or 4 set screws. Available in steel and aluminum options.

Unirac Large Arrays start at 3 kilowatts, but their size is limited only by the size of your ground site or the structural strength of your flat roof.

Unirac designs U-LAs for a wider range of site and climactic challenges than any other PV structure on the market. U-LA aluminum or steel components merge with SolarMount rails and installer-supplied steel pipe (readily available) to form durable, rigid truss structures.

It's a cost-effective mounting solution that has grown with the vision of the PV industry. Today, U-LA customers routinely reap hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts per installation.

Old Unirac Part ID: 330019

Technical Specifications

Galvanized Aluminum
Product Type
Flat Roof - Attached

Mechanical Data & Components

5 in (length) × 5 in (width) × 5 in (height)
2 lb

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