Are solar panels and racking systems salt air resistant?

    Are all models/brands of solar panels resistant to salt air?  Similarly, are racking and mounting systems (rails, stand-offs, flashing, etc.) resistant to the elements when installed near salt water?


    Most of the solar module frames in the market are made of anodized aluminum which is a highly resistive material for salt air/water conditions. The sailboat rigs are made of the same material.

    The air between the back-sheet of the module and the tempered glass is vacuumed in order to avoid corrosion in the cells. Unless there is a crack in the module, they are all safe. You can rely on the solar module warranty conditions.

    For the racking & mounting systems;

    • Galvanized steel is highly corrosive,
    • Mill finish aluminum could be corrosive - not recommended for locations nearby sea or ocean,
    • Clear or bronze anodized aluminum is totally safe!

    Just be careful with cracks and dirt. The buildup of dirty surface deposits can provide sites for corrosion, particularly if there is associated acidity.

    Hope this was helpful.

    11 years 4 months ago
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