Does anyone know where I can get sample three line drawings for my solar install permit?

    I am working on my permits for my solar installation.  Does anyone know where I can get either a sample of three line drawings, a template for three line drawings that I can simply adjust?  Thanks.


    Here is a link to packaged drawings that are sold by this company so that you can see samples of three line drawings for solar installation permits.

    I agree it would be great to find sample three line drawings that could be easily adjusted for permitting.   I know CED Greentech will do three line drawings for installers that buy complete systems.  They charge a nominal fee.  Often distributors will provide this service for their installers.   

    Here is a sample template for a three line drawing for a small 1.1 kW system.   Feel free to use it and alter it to your own needs.   It is a .dwg file for AutoCAD.

    AutoCAD has a free view that you can download TrueView

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    CED Greentech can provide you single line or three line drawings if you are interested.

    Here is the product>

    Or contact via phone to ask more.

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