Does a MC4 or Amphenol connector work with 8 AWG size wire?

    I want to use 8 AWG size wire for a solar install and I wondering if I can use MC4 or Amphenol connectors to connect to the size #8 wire?   Thanks.


    Neither MC4 or Amphenol connectors are UL approved for 8 AWG size wire.  Their rating are for:

    Locking system
    Temperature range 17A (1,5mm²; 14AWG)
    22A (2,5mm²; 12AWG)
    30A (4mm²; 10AWG)
    1000V (IEC/CEI)
    600V (UL)
    -40°C...+90°C (IEC/CEI)
    -40°C...+75°C (UL)

    We hear stories of installers using both the MC4 and Amphenol connectors to connect to 8 AWG wire but to be clear they are not UL approved for this application.
    Marina Lee commented 9 months ago

    Dear Jeff,

    I came across your question and would like to let you and anyone interested know that Staubli (formerly Multi-Contact) does offer a UL certified connector for termination of 8AWG wire.

    Here are some of the specs and you can find more details in our catalog (page 19):
    Plug connector: PV-KBT4/8II-UR, P/N 32.0080-UR
    Socket connector: PV-KST4/8II-UR, P/N 32.0081-UR
    Rated voltage: 1500Vdc
    Rated current: 70A
    Contact resistance: less than 0.25 mOhm
    Ingress protection: IP65/ IP68 (mated), IP2X (unmated)
    Ambient temperature range: -40C to +85C (UL)
    Upper limiting temperature: 105C (IEC)
    Certified for altitudes of up to 5000m above sea level

    Link to catalog download:…

    I hope this information helps (even though the question was posted several years ago).

    Kind regards,
    Marina Lee
    PM Alternative Energy

    10 years ago
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