At what time interval does the SMA Webconnect / Speedwire send data for the TL-22 residential inverters?


    The transmissions are streamed live.  The quality of internet connection and/or the data plan are important to consider here.  Because the webconnect streams the system data, SMA does not recommend internet service with time based billing or those that have data caps that could result in higher than expected billing.  Therefore it is recommened that flat rate services are used. Edit: This live streaming occurs only when Sunny Portal dashboard is left open. For instance, you may have a dedicated monitor for viewing system data. This will always be live. Otherwise, the data from the webconnect will be averaged in 15 minute intervals.

    Is the SMA Speedwire/WebConnect SWDM-US-10 the correct model for a SunnyBoy SB 4000TL-US-22 inverter?

    Does the Sunny Explorer software come with WebConnect or must I download it from the SMA website? 

    Hi Greg,

    The SWDM-US-10 works with all -22 models, even some of the older models with a firmware update.

    The Sunny Explorer is available at and is a free download. The link directs you to the downloads page.

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