Why doesn't Xantrex 3624 take much power from generator?

    I just installed this new Xantrex 3624 inverter and when i connect the generator the display goes to '---' and i only see maybe +2amps max in my TRI-Metric , and after a while nothing at all.  All the power does go to the rest of the house, but nothing to the batteries.  any idea?

    Also, the light bulbs flicker a little, solution?


    pablo, baja california



    There are so many things that could be going on, it is too tough to diagnose the problem from what you posted.   What we would need to know is what model and size of generator?  What is the battery bank size?  What is the voltage at the time of charging?  What are the inverter/charger settings?

    There are a number of reasons for the charger to operate as described.  The batteries are charged.  The inverter AC input power share setting is too low.  The AC loads are taking all of the power.  The generator is too small.  The quality of the AC from the generator is suboptimal.  

    If you have more information, please let let us know.  You might also want to contact tech support for Xantrex and they can help you walk through this.  The number is 1-866-519-1470 or 1-650-351-8237.  Someone there will be best-equipped to answer your customer's question.

    Thanks- MG

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